Dog Anal Gland Problems

The Effect of Nutrition on Dog Anal Gland Problems


This particular client has been visiting the veterinary every week to have Dog Anal Gland Problems / expressed. The client is looking for nutritional advice to treat the anal glands.

Dog Anal Gland Problems

Background The Dog Anal Gland Infection

The Anal Gland main purpose, in dogs, is to enable them to mark their territory and identify other dogs. Its other purpose is to eliminate toxins, substances, and other waste not needed by the body. The Dog Anal Gland Problems can spontaneously empty themselves, especially under times of stress (internal or external), and creates a very sudden unpleasant odor around your dog. If your dogs feces are normally firm and his body is healthy (low toxicity), the anal glands usually empty when the dog defecates.

When the dog’s stools are soft or your dog’s body is overly toxic they will not exert enough pressure on the anal glands, which causes them to fill. This may cause discomfort as the full anal glands pushes on the anus and may also be followed by biting, scratching, or scooting on the rear. Failure to empty the anal glands leads to routine expressing of the anal glands by a vet or groomer.Dog Anal Gland Problems

Dog Anal Gland Problems

  1. Anal gland Infection
  2. Anal gland dysfunction aka not emptying on their own
  3. Anal gland abscess aka caused by a tear of the anal gland due to irritation on the opening
  4. Anal gland tumors

Factors that cause anal gland problems in dogs

  • Non bio-available diet (processed, artificially flavored, preserved food, high starch foods)
  • Body toxin build up (usually from food but can also come from polluted air, water, or pharmaceuticals)
  • Obesity due to carb based diet, slow metabolism, or lack of exercise
  • Colon and vital organ inflammation or irritation which is usually related to toxicity
  • Surgery, muscle inflammation, or bone deterioration on or near the back, hips, tail bone, or rear

When it comes to getting their dogs Anal Glands Expressed, which is the most common problem, owners are convinced that it is a normal part of the pet care process when actually full or inflamed anal gland problems in dogs can be reversed and prevented.


Puptection Recommendation

The first step in improving anal gland problems in dogs as well as overall health is detoxification. Anal glands will fill quicker if the body is toxic. Toxins such as bacteria, yeast, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and metabolic waste can circulate within the body or sit in the colon causing irritation and allergies. When the body tries to rid itself of these toxins they first go to the anal glands to be emptied. If the Anal Glands are not emptied the toxins then go to the skin, ears, and eyes to be sent out of the body. Over toxicity can also cause diarrhea and soft stools which will not help the anal glands empty on their own. PWZ Purifying Clay for Anal glands Problems is a great supplement for detoxing due to its alkalizing and absorbent properties. It pulls large amounts of toxins out of the body to greatly decease inflammation, allergies, and the fullness of anal glands.

The next step is switching to a healthier, low carb, high protein, and bio-available diet, preferably a raw diet. A raw diet of whole-prey meat and vegetables gives the proper balance of protein, healthy fiber, and vitamins to prevent toxins from entering the body and maintain firm stools. In this stage the PWZ silica supplement for anal gland problems will help repair any deterioration, tears, or abscesses, rebuild the lining of the colon, and boost the immune system.

For more information about improving the anal gland problems of your dog, stop by or give us a call…

Activated Charcoal for Dogs

V-Flow Daily Detoxifying Powder for Pets

Detoxifying your dog will work miracles for their health & wellbeing and it doesn’t involve purging, fasting, or bland diets. It’s as simple as sprinkling powder on top of whatever they’re already eating. VFlow daily detoxifying powder for pets is the #1 best selling detox supplement for cats, dogs, and animals and is the only product that has activated charcoal for dogs along with other natural detoxifiers like clay, spirulina, and wheatgrass. It’s been clinically prove to rebalance and speed up the body’s ability to process and excrete toxins.

PWZ Purifying Clay for Pets

Dog Skin ProblemsAnother common nutritional issue that had to be addressed was mineral deficiency. Since feeding bones (raw or smoked) has become taboo, many dogs suffer from a lack of minerals in the system. A natural mineral supplement is a great way to support the health of the skin and other bodily functions such as digestion, circulation, and the repair of tissue. Our patented Purifying Clay Mix W/ Calcium Bentonite Clay not only leeches toxins from the vital organs and blood, but replaces them with 60+ trace minerals and electrolytes like calcium, silica, phosphorous, potassium, sulphur, iron, copper, and magneseium to balance thyroid function, increase bone and joint health, stop diarrhea & constipation, prevent waste odor, and naturally repair cellular damage. Our clay mix is milled and formulated especially for animals.

PWZ Green Juice for Pets

If a client is looking to balance a diet without a significant change in food, a great supplement to add is our Green Juice for Dogs, a green juice Immunity Support for Dogspowder that uses the earth’s most trusted, nutrient-rich, certified organic Super Green Foods in one unique multi vitamin blend to gently detoxify, improve immunity, boost the metabolism, and alkalize (raise the PH) the body. This whole food supplement has been proven to reverse lethargy, banish allergies and yeast infections, improve bad breath, condition the skin and coat, and decrease pain and inflammation in the joints. It’s truly a quintessential addition to any type of diet commercial, raw, or homemade.

Always consult your Vet first if you have any serious concerns about your pet’s health.

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