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What is Transform K9 Detox and why does my dog need it?


The Transform K9 Detox program is a first of its kind 4-supplement pack that works to detoxify, nourish, and rebuild every neglected part of your dogs body. It’s perfect for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds and we recommend it for every dog dealing with any health problem whatsoever! Dr. Bradford formulated this program based off the exact protocol he used to naturally and holistically rid his own animals of their many illness, everyday discomforts, and bring their bodies back into balance.  He took his long list of supplements and home remedies and condensed them into 4 easy to feed, powder supplements. When taken together with a whole food diet, they work incredibly well at improving a number of conditions. It consists of:

Transform Vibrant Flow: A nano-charcoal based supplement that  detoxify’s waste, by-products, and all artificial and harmful materials form the body. When given with medication or vaccinations, it protects the vital organs from harmful chemicals and foreign organisms that may cause damage.

Transform Green Juice: A Green juice for dogs, complete spirulina, wheatgrass, and kelp to supply energy to the cells, support a healthy thyroid, repair tissue damage, improve digestion and boost the immune system.

Transform Purification: An herbal blend paired with powerful montimorillnite clay to sooth, cleanse, and repair the organ tissues. Perfect for dogs with liver, kidney, and other organ issues.

Transform Power Probiotic: An amazing 16 strain probiotic to supply healthy bacteria to the gut but also cancel out bad bacteria, boost immunity, aid in detoxication, and reduce the symptoms of candida such as allergies, itch skin/coat, inflammation, and poor digestion.

How should I feed my dog your supplements and can they be mixed together?


Yes. All of our supplements can be given at once and since we only offer supplements in powder form they are easily mixed into whatever food your dog is eating, wet or dry. It is also very easy to adjust dosages (more or less) depending on your dogs personal needs. for convenience, we recommend that pet parents feeding their dog several of our supplements mix a small amount of each powder in a Ziploc bag and give their dogs one large dose instead of having to measure out the individual powders.

Can I feed your supplements while my dog is on medication?


Yes. None our supplements will tamper with the effectiveness of medications. In fact they improve the effectiveness as well as protect your dogs body against any unwanted side effects.

Do I need to supplement my puppy’s diet?

To ensure your puppy is always in top form, feed a healthy, quality food, and supplement when necessary. A daily multi-vitamin such as Transform K9 Green Juice may help ensure that growing puppies get the vitamins they need for healthy tissues, strong bones, and overall good health.

Should I give my senior dog supplements?

Aging dogs have special nutritional needs, and some of those can be supplied in the form of supplements. Transform K9 Green Juice, has higher levels of the vitamins and minerals your senior dog may need.

A large percentage of older dogs suffer from arthritis. We recommend a daily supplement containing glucosamine, such as Nimble K9: Hip and Joint, for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other bone or joint problems. If your dog is not eating a complete balanced diet, then a vitamin/mineral supplement is recommended to prevent any deficiencies.

What supplement is the right choice for dogs with itchy skin and hot spots?

The omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and immune-enhancing natural ingredients in Glisten K9: Skin & Coat can have a major impact on the health and appearance of the skin and hair coat.  For additional support of more severe allergies, Eternal K9: Dog Allergy Supplement formula provides potent ingredients to further help dogs suffering from allergens’ effect on the skin.

Can supplementation help support my Dog’s intestinal system?

Yes, proper supplementation can help a dog’s intestinal function and improve overall health of the digestive system.  Supplementation with Transform K9 Probiotic GI Support is recommended to help dogs better digest their food and get the most benefit from their diet.

For chronic or severe diarrhea, the intestinal adsorbent V-Flow: Activated Charcoal for Dogs is recommended. V-Flow: Activated Charcoal for Dogs is an effective choice for diarrhea and intestinal disturbances, and is used widely by veterinarians.


How do I prepare PUPtection’s dehydrated food for my dog?


Our dehydrated food is simple and easy to make. Simply add the dry mix to very hot water and let sit/cool for 5-10 mins or overnight. The general ratio of hot water to dry mix is 2-3:1, i.e: 2-3 cups of hot water to 1 cup of dry mix depending on your dogs preferred consistency(thicker or thinner). Our food may be heated in the microwave, on the stove top, in the oven, or simply in a bowl with boiling water poured over it. The method of heating is completely up to you and none of these methods will disrupt the nutrient content of the food since hot liquid is needed to properly “rehydrate” the food.

How much food do I need to buy for my dog?

A typical 60lb dog will use about one (1) – 6lb bag of food per month, feeding twice per day.

How much food do I feed my dog per day?


The great thing about our food is that you have much more “feeding” freedom than other dog food brands. Most dog food brands are full of “empty carbs”, meaning despite what the package says, the food base is mostly starch and synthetic vitamins that are more for show than actual nutrition. This is why you must follow specific feeding guidelines to avoid weight gain/loss from over/under feeding. This is also why no matter how much you feed your dog, they still seem to be hungry all the time. Their food lacks actual nutrients to support them.

On the bright side, PUPtection’s dehydrated food blends are clean, nutrient-dense, whole foods that are digested/ metabolized by the body better and easier than all other dog food brands. While feeding our food, you may notice that your dog eats less and has less waste (poop) because its full of vitamins and minerals that they are actually absorbing. With that being said, our feeding guidelines are just that…guidelines. There isn’t a set-in-stone amount to feed because every dog is different and the weight, size, age, and breed of a dog can affect how much you can feed them or how much they can eat.

The typical feeding amount is about 1/2 a cup of rehydrated mix per 10lbs, per day, split into two meals but this can be more or less depending on your dog and your excellent intuition. Also note that pre-mixes may need some added protein like chicken, beef, or turkey. So add about 1oz (2tbsp) of protein per 1/2 cup of pre mix. See chart below for further info.

Dog’s Weight Amount to Feed

(may be split into 2-3 portions)

1-10 lbs ¼ – ½ cup
10-20 lbs ½ – 1 cup
20-50 lbs 1 – 2.5 cup
50-100 lbs 2.5 – 5 cups
Over 100 lbs 5 – 7 cups


How is the food made and is it human Grade?

Our complete food recipes include a combination of 100% real freeze-dried meat—and air-dried fruits & veggies. We only use 100% natural GMO free ingredients and Certified Kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher, so your pup’s food is as close to homemade as possible. All ingredients in all of our foods are raw. But fruits and veggies have a higher cook-temp and is dehydrated via air-drying, while maintaining the nutritious enzymes only found in raw ingredients.

Can I make a batch of food before hand and if so, how do I store it?


Yes. You can make enough food for a few days, a week, or even a month. Simply multiply your dogs daily feeding amount by the amount of days you want to make and that should tell you how much mix you need or you can take a few lbs of mix, add 2-3x the hot water, and feed your dog their daily amount until you’ve used up your batch. As far as storing , to ensure freshness, rehydrated food can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days and in the freezer for up to 30 days. If the mix is left dehydrated and properly stored in a clean, dry place it will remain fresh for at least 2-3 yrs, since all moisture has been removed from the food through a method of natural preservation called “dehydration” and bacteria can only grow where moisture is present.

Is my dog really getting everything he needs from this food?

Yes! All of our food and supplement blends are formulated by our founder Dr. Bradford DVM and his veterinary and animal nutritionist  teams. Our foods are completely nutritionally balanced and contain all that a healthy dog needs without the addition of synthetic  vitamins, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Can I add anything to the food?


Yes, of course. Our food is already a buffet of fruits, veggies, and fibers , our pre-mixes may need some added protein. Feel free to add a healthy meats like chicken, beef, turkey, or fish about 1oz (2tbsp) per 1/2 cup of mix. You can also add things like eggs, beans, and lentils or a scoop of pureed pumpkin or sweet potato. Some pet parents even like to make a “doggie meatloaf” with ground beef or turkey, eggs, and our Original Pre-Mix. And though we hardly ever have an issue with even finicky dogs enjoying our food, If your dog happens to be the exception, substitute the water with chicken or beef broth for an extra yummy scent and flavor.

My dog has been diagnosed with an illness, is this food good for him?


Yes! In fact, PUPtection’s dehydrated food was originally formulated for dogs with acute and chronic diseases/illnesses. Its naturally anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, easy to digest, and is designed to take the toxic load off of the body. When in conjunction with our detoxifying supplements, it’s been proven to stop the progression of and improve a number of conditions. Not only is it a great choice of diet for your pup, it improves the many symptoms of poor diet such a allergies, skin/coat problems, bad breath, frequent/inconsistent poops, smelly poop, oral issues, etc…


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