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Common Illnesses in DogsCommon Illnesses in Dogs

Some veterinarians are unaware of modern therapies such as nutraceuticals, unlike conventional veterinary medicine; they’re not as main stream. However, that doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, they’re just as effective. And there are plenty of vets that are open to the alternative approach. Some veterinary schools now provide tracks in holistic medicine, and some vets offer alternative therapies alongside conventional treatments.

Common Illnesses in Dogs – But some veterinarians are looking toward the past to find successful treatments that rely on natural substances like nutraceuticals, herbs or homeopathic remedies, or physical manipulations like massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Nutraceuticals therapies for dogs have been used to treat skin problems, digestive upsets, and other conditions. Of course, an accurate diagnosis must be made before you begin any type of treatment, but many dogs can benefit from a skilled and sensible combination of traditional and alternative therapies. 

Common Illnesses in Dogs – Potential benefits of the raw dog food diet/nutraceuticals include:Common Illnesses

Anxiety, Fear, Stress and more
Anemia – Low Red Blood Cell Count
Anemia – refuse to eat
Anal Gland Disorders
Bad breath
Bone or other foreign object lodged in intestines
Bruising, stiffness and soreness
Cancer Treatment or Preventative
Cold, runny nose, sniffles, sneezes
Collapsed Trachea
Coughing – variety of advice
Coughing, green pus in eyes, kennel cough, respiratory problems
Diarrhea, stomach upset
Distemper – A story of symptoms and treatment (long)
Distemper – Another account of lengthy treatment
Ear infections
Eating problems, anemic or won’t eatCommon Illnesses in Dog
Flea and Mosquito bite prevention
Lack of Appetite, energy, lethargic appearance
Leaking urine – Incontinence
Licorice for allergies, upset stomach and more
Inflammatory bowel disease
Itching Ears, oozing, odorous
Itching, scabby Ears/Nose Possibly also feet
Pemphigus foliaceus and hypothyroidism
Portosystemic Shunts
Seizures due to head trauma Reader’s email
Seizures without apparent medical reason
Seizures in general – taurine
Skin rashes (Recurring)
Staph Infections
Sliding on his rump, biting at tail
Tar on Paws and other sticky substances
Thyroid Protocol – New procedure

 Always consult your Vet first if you have any serious concerns about your pet’s health.

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