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Chinese Herbs for DogsChinese Herbs for Dogs medicines used in traditional Chinese Medicine are the historical ancestors for many of the prescription drugs we use today. Herbal medicines may be made from the whole plant or from parts of the plant such as bark, fruit, stem, root or seed. They may be purchased in fresh, dried, tincture, pill, granule, or capsule format. Traditionally, herbs can assist greatly when an animal’s body is in a toxic or disease state. Herbs are a great, natural source of vitamins, which include antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, chlorophyll, trace elements, essential fatty acids and other beneficial compounds. And because the Creator has produced them, they are naturally the best “medicine” available to us.

Medicines and/or vitamins created in the lab are synthetic and those found in live, whole foods do not contain unnatural substances like preservatives, artificial colors, sugar, starch, coal tar and other harmful additives and fillers that are found in some supplements and are more bio available to our pets, the liver knows how to metabolize them.

Chinese Herbs for Dogs are nature’s medicine chest – all natural and when the correct herb for the diagnosed illness or “dis-ease” is used in moderation, they are healing and health promoting.

 Chinese Herbs for Dogs remedies differ from conventional drugs in using parts of the whole plant rather than isolating single active ingredients. In traditional forms of herbalism, the choice of herbs depends upon the dog’s personality as well as its medical condition. In modern herbalism, there is greater emphasis on the chemical constituents of the herb itself.

Many veterinarians have become more receptive to the medicinal benefits that some herbs have and they are increasingly encouraging the use of them for the treatment of various conditions.

Your herbalist will recommend specific formulas appropriate to your individual conditions and constitution. At Puptection, we have a granular pharmacy. We have found that they are the easiest way for patients to take their herbs. Each formula is individualized for the patient.

Some common conditions and herbs that may help:

Motion sickness: ginger
Hot spots: black or green tea, unrefined, organic apple cider vinegar compresses
Allergies (general): burdock, tang kuei
Urinary tract infections: corn silk, cranberry
Wounds: aloe, comfrey, chamomile – applied topically
Upper respiratory infections: echinacea, oregon grape root
Immune suppression: astragalus, reishi, shitake
Arthritis: boswellia, devil’s claw
Liver disease: milk thistle, artichokes, turmeric
Conjunctivitis: eyebright, tea compresses (topically)
Diabetes: gymnema, bitter melon

Always consult your Vet first if you have any serious concerns about your pet’s health.

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