PUPtection-The Brainchild

In 2010, during a chance encounter, Dr. Bradford met Mr. Waverly Fox, an social entrepreneur who also had an interest in holistic care for humans and animals. He truly believed in Dr. Bradford’s approach of nutritional therapy and suggesting that together, they bring a product to market that would make it easier for pets and their owners to take full advantage of this new therapy.

The brainchild of this duo was PUPtection, which over the next 5 years would go on to establish a new standard in pet nutrition through the launch of the first ever, fully customizable dehydrated food as well as the first line detoxifying supplements for pets. These diets were made of naturally preserved whole food ingredients that had been proven to improve the health of animals and provided a way to use dietary changes as therapy. These protocols naturally alkaline, boost the immune system, and effectively prevented disease and chronic illnesses because of its ability to reduce yeast, decrease bacterial build up, and lower bodily acidity.

Present Day

Thanks to Dr. Bradford and his unique formulations of homemade diets & supplements, along with the introduction of Nutri-Therapy for pets, PUPtection is able to save thousands of pets from the pain and suffering associated with not only serious illnesses but, also the day-to-day allergies, ear infections, and gastric problems. In addition, Dr. Bradford also created the certified training program and curriculum that is mandatory for all employees to complete. This program includes courses on holistic animal medicine, nutrition, and integrative therapies such as (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutraceuticals so you can be rest assured that all PUPtection Therapist are more than qualified to handle any situation and guide you through all of your questions and concerns.

For more information on how Puptection’s Formulas and supplements can help your pet please contact us.


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