Effectively Managing Cushings Disease in Dogs

Effectively Managing Cushings Disease in Dogs

How to Strengthen the Immune System for Dogs Suffering from Cushings Disease


Cushings Disease in DogsThe Symptoms of Cushings Disease

Symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs can be vague, varied, and tend to appear gradually and progressively. It is very common that Cushing’s disease symptoms are mistaken for normal aging. They can also be hard to distinguish since many of the symptoms are not unique to Cushing’s and could also reflect a number of other health conditions.

The most common symptoms include:

    • Increased/Excessive Water Consumption (Polydipsia)

   • Increased/Excessive Urination (Polyuria)

   • Urinary Accidents In Previously Housetrained Dogs

   • Increased/Excessive Appetite (Polyphagia)

   • Appearance Of Food Stealing/Guarding, Begging, Trash Dumping, Etc.

   • Sagging, Bloated, Pot-Bellied Appearance

   • Weight Gain Or Its Appearance, Due To Fat Redistribution

   • Loss Of Muscle Mass, Giving The Appearance Of Weight Loss

   • Bony, Skull-Like Appearance Of Head

     • Exercise Intolerance, Lethargy, General Or Hind-Leg Weakness

     • New Reluctance To Jump On Furniture Or People

     • Excess Panting, Seeking Cool Surfaces To Rest On

     • Symmetrically Thinning Hair Or Baldness (Alopecia) On Torso

     • Other Coat Changes Like Dullness, Dryness

     • Slow Regrowth Of Hair After Clipping

     • Thin, Wrinkled, Fragile, And/Or Darkly Pigmented Skin

     • Easily Damaged/Bruised Skin That Heals Slowly

     • Hard, Calcified Lumps In The Skin (Calcinosis Cutis)

     • Susceptibility To Infections (Especially Skin And Urinary)

     • Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Seizures


Why Building the Immune System is essential for dogs with Cushings DiseaseSymptoms of Cushings Disease

Strengthening the immune system is a by far the best form of defense against the symptoms of Cushings and since it’s a progressive disease, the main goal of any treatment should be to stop the deterioration of the body. In order to do this the cells must be strong enough to neutralize and remove free radicals, bacteria, and allergens within the body.  When your pet has a compromised immune system, they suffer from problems like food, skin, & respiratory allergies, diarrhea & vomiting, and other auto-immune disorders. This is especially important for dogs with Cushings because during this time, they are very susceptible to infection & disease.

How to Prevent and Improve the Symptoms of Cushings Disease

To decrease toxic load and boost the immunity and overall health of your dog, its best to stick to natural treatments and bio-available nutrition, specifically a raw, dehydrated, or freeze dried diet. The whole food diet emphasizes foods that support general health and dogs thrive on a diet consisting of raw or real food such as meats, fats, fruits and veggies. These foods naturally contain abundance of minerals, enzymes, and more importantly for the benefit of their immune system, vitamins that have not been denatured or reduced by over cooking and processing compared to commercial and store bought foods.

Best Food for Cushings Disease in Dogs
Why Puptection’s Dehydrated Mixes Are So Effective

Our foods have been clinically proven to naturally reduce negative immune response through the elimination indigestible starches like sugar, flour, yeast, corn, and other by-products commonly used in commercial and even prescription foods. Sugar, starch, flour, and yeast are known to greatly suppress the immune system and even have the ability to attract and store heavy metals, toxin, and viruses. This leads to poor blood circulation, the clogging of vital organs including the colon, and cancer causing bacteria buildup. The disappointing is that almost every dry food and some canned and frozen foods contain high amounts of these toxic ingredients and are possibly threatening the health of your pet.

The Best Food for Cushings Disease in Dogs

Using daily meals as medicine is nothing new. Many ancient civilizations were recorded using fruits, vegetables, plants, and even dirt with medicinal properties as highly effective and very safe forms of healing. At PUPtection we follow the same protocol for our dogs. We have many options of hypoallergenic, alkalizing, and inflammation reducing foods for dogs with Cushings and all of our blends are dehydrated or freeze dried which preserves the nutrients and makes them bio-available to the body.

Our dehydrated pre-mixes are also great for improving:

  • Allergies-Food & Skin
  • Digestive Problems
  • Skin & Coat Conditions
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Gum Disease / Tartar / Bad Breath
  • Stress / Recovery / Healing
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Heart Conditions
  • Urinary Tract Disease/Bladder Health/Kidney Problems
  • Weight Control
  • Cancer/tumors
  • Liver Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Mobility Problems

 Activated Charcoal for Dogs


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Always consult your Vet first if you have any serious concerns about your pet’s health.

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