Why Dehydrated Dog Food


Chicago-based Pet Food Retailer Offers Homemade, Organic Dehydrated Dog Food Mixes

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, MAY 26, 2015 – Chicago-based pet food retailer PUPtection has developed a premium line of tailor-to-fit organic dehydrated pet food mixes for cats and dogs. PUPtection revolutionary approach makes it simple to provide your dog with the natural goodness and nutrients found in raw and homemade food.

Why Dehydrated Dog Food

Their natural dehydrated dog food is made in our own human grade food facility in the US, where fresh and raw ingredients are prepared with a gentle method called dehydration. This process naturally preserves the human quality foods, retaining their nutrients without the need for harsh cooking procedures.

PUPtection carefully selects premium, organic ingredients, including fruits, vegetable, and meats, to include in their complete nutrition dehydrated dog food mixes. The homemade, grain-free pet food mixes include fresh, whole vegetables, fruits, and herbs, with options such as chicken, beef, and fish, to deliver healthy, balanced nutrition. The mix is slowly dehydrated to preserve vitamins and nutrients that are commonly depleted via methods used by other brands.

Dehydrated Pet Food

The PUPtection selection of dehydrated pet food mixes have no fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. Offering a complete diet for active, senior, and young pets alike, PUPtection’s dehydrated cat and dog foods are designed to enhance the well-being of pets. Owners simply add water and mix to serve their pets a well-rounded, healthy, delicious meal.

One recent customer said, “PUPtection was a life saver [for my pet]!” PUPtection has retail locations in Wickerpark and South Loop. “This place literally saved my cat’s life,” said one customer.

The PUPtection line of dehydrated dog food mixes includes fresh ingredients such as freeze-dried raw USDA meats, cabbage, celery, sweet potatoes, and spinach. More information can be found at https://puptection.com.

About PUPtection

PUPtection is a leading Chicago-area premium pet food retailer, offering superior products, including homemade organic dehydrated pet food mixes, at affordable prices.




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