Dehydrated Cat Food | The Original Formula

Dehydrated Raw Vegetable Pre-Mix Diet for Cats

Dehydrated cat food allow you to make easy, customized homemade cat food recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen without worrying if your cat is receiving all of the nutrients they need to thrive and stay illness free.

  • Made in the USA-Grain-free formula
  • Makes Home Made food Prep easy-Great for picky eaters
  • Holistic Formula with No Synthetic Ingredients
  • No Chemicals, preservatives or dyes
  • Allows complete control of quantity and quality of protein


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Product Description

 The Original Formula Pre-Mix: A Dehydrated Cat Food

Our Original pre-mix is the best dehydrated cat food on the market and gives you the freedom to choose your own protein and create a complete and balanced meal for your cat.

As every pet should be treated with utmost care, they should also be happy and healthy. Now, keeping your cat fit and happy with an all natural diet is easier as ever with a Dehydrated Cat Food from PUPtection.

The Benefits of Dehydrated Cat Food

Dehydrated cat food allow you to make easy, customized homemade cat food recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen without worrying if your cat is receiving all of the nutrients they need to thrive and stay illness free. This blend is also super delicious and owners will have no problem feeding even the finickiest of cats.

The PUPtection Difference

At Puptection Heath & Nutrition Center we take pride in the safety of our ingredients. All of our fruits, vegetables and herbs for cats are 100% human-grade, Certified Kosher by Blue Ribbon Kosher, and 100% certified organic cat food. We only use 100% natural GMO free ingredients so your pup’s food is as close to homemade as possible. Our US vegetable supplier is an FDA inspected and approved facility that has a 100% approval rating, ensuring quality, safety and a truly superior food for your cat. Our all natural dehydrated cat food also contains no fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.

USDA / FDA Approved Facilities
Food grade ingredients for human and animal consumption.

How the Original Formula will Help Your Cat

The Original Formula was our first dehydrated cat food blend and is made from only fresh whole food ingredients that were carefully selected based on their nutrient density and easy digestibility. It consists of 9 different fruits and vegetables, with the added healing power and natural oils of organic flaxseeds. This blend has been very effective in quickly boosting cats’ immunity, clearing the skin & coat, and improving digestive health and is suitable for all life stages. (The Original Formula pairs well with Coconut or Rosemary Oil and any protein).

Is Homemade Cat Food and Dehydrated Cat Food The Same?

PUPtection’s dehydrated cat food pre-mixes allow you to make easy, customized homemade cat food recipes in the comfort of your own kitchen without worrying if your cat is receiving all of the nutrients they need to thrive and stay illness free.

If your pet has chronic allergies, very poor digestion, or is suffering from a serious illness and is in need of a more substantial detoxification with all of the same benefits, please see our V-flow daily detoxifying powder for pets.

What’s the Best Cat Food for My Canine?

It seems like most cat food companies are still stuck in the past. They’re still offering the same wet, dry, and raw foods for cats that they have for years, despite all of the newly found information on how proper feeding can benefit canines tremendously. This is why PUPtection became the first store to offer customized dehydrated cat food. All blends are made with human grade ingredients and are air-dried to naturally preserve nutrients, taking the guess work out of choosing the best cat food for your pup.

Combine with your own source of meat to create your own fresh, homemade dehydrated cat food. When mixed with meat and water, 1 lb. makes approximately 5 lbs. of fresh, raw cat food.


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1. Shake the dehydrated cat food bag to distribute food evenly. Measure the appropriate amount of dry food and add it to your cat’s bowl. Feeding amounts are only general guidelines. Individual requirements will vary depending upon factors such as metabolism, daily activity, breed, health, genetics, and environment.
2. Measure the appropriate amount of hot water and add it to the dry food. Let sit for 10-15 minutes or until the food has absorbed the water and has the consistency of oatmeal. You can add more or less water to change the consistency depending on your cat’s preference.
3. Serve at room temperature. Always make sure your companion cat has fresh, clean water to drink. 1 lb. makes approximately 5 lbs. of fresh, raw cat food.

Simply add water and treat your pets to a delicious, nourishing meal.

1 lb. makes approximately 5 lbs. of fresh, dehydrated cat food:

Feeding Instructions:

1.Add Hot Water to Fruit/Vegetable Mix:

Let sit for 8-10 min. or until mix has cooled and is the consistency of cooked vegetables. Stir occasionally.

2.Add your choice of quality protein:

Beef, poultry, fish, tofu, lentils, etc. Alternate protein every 1-2 weeks. Protein can be raw or cooked.

3.Add your choice of oil:

PWZ Rosemary oil, olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil or any healthy oil of your choice.

4.Watch a happy PUPtected cat eat:

Mix thoroughly. Serve at room temperature. Always provide fresh, filtered water or coconut water for your pet to drink.



Organic Chicken, Organic whole egg, Organic Alfalfa, Organic celery, Organic White Cabbage, Organic Carrots, Organic Sweet Potatoes,  Flax Seed Meal.


Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min) 49.0%
Crude Fat (min) 12.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 5.0%
Moisture (max) 6.0%
Each 1 lb. serving contains 8% carbohydrates

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