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Pet Nutrition: PUPtection Health & Nutrition Center, we are the first and only company to be trained in Nutri-Therapy for cats & dogs which is the use of homemade functional foods or “foods with a purpose”, to help that body detoxify and repair naturally by extracting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the food they eat daily instead of using medication, steroids, and antibiotics. Puptection’s Food Therapy protocols are a holistic and extremely effective alternative to prescription diets and are far superior to commercial dry, wet, and raw pet foods.

Who Founded Nutri-Therapy Pet Nutrition for Pets?

This journey all started when our founder, Dr. Dennis A. Bradford DVM, PhD was grief stricken by a terminal cancer diagnoses in his beloved German Sheppard, Marco, even though he had been on what he thought was the best dog food on market. After months of chemotherapy induced little to no effect he decided to turn away from the traditional veterinary treatment cancer and searched for more effective solutions that were being used for cancer in humans. It was during this time that a veil was lifted from his eyes about the real cause of most illnesses in pets. He began to learn about the truly health collapsing effects of the ingredients used in pet foods as well as the “clever language & definitions” used to cover them up. He realized that grain free and holistic foods, wet or dry, were still using cheap protein “meals”, indigestible starches and even worst, yeast, as fillers and then trying to disguise them with synthetic vitamins that are practically non-absorbable.

A Brand New Perspective on Dog Food

He began to understand that pet nutrition was the main cause of the poor digestion, chronic inflammation, viruses, and bacterial infections that plagues our pets. This completely changed how he viewed illness and gave him a revolutionary idea for a new form of treatment for animals. So, after extensive research and in a last effort to save his companion, he began formulating his own blends of homemade dog foods and supplements using only organic, easily assimilated, therapeutic ingredients that were proven to have healing properties when ingested. He based his blends on the well-known nutritional therapies of food combining and the Alkaline/Acidic diet’s to optimize digestion, boost immunity and rapidly decrease inflammation in the body.

The Amazing Results

Within a week of feeding Marco this new homemade dog food diet, he saw significant changes in his mood and behavioral patterns, a week after that, improvements in his stool and body odor. Within a month or so, he had more energy, his coat had begun to grow back, and having finally been weaned off of all prescription medication, he was having regular, solid bowl movements again. Almost a year later, after many tests and trials, Dr. Bradford was blessed with the news of Marco being in remission. After winning this great battle, he immediately made it his life’s mission to re-educate colleagues and clients about the real cause’s pet illnesses and a more holistic and effective way to treat them.

He continued to feed Marco his homemade diet with nothing but great results, and although his clients were also seeing changes in their pet’s health, they were having some difficulty making the diet change both time and cost effective. He decided to do more research to find an easier way to make the diets as well as improve awareness.

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