Our Whole Food Philosophy

A portmanteau of “nutrition” and “pharmaceuticals”, is the method of rebalancing the body through the daily intake of specific foods to prevent, control, and/or improve health conditions. The term nutraceuticals is used throughout both human and Holistic Veterinarians medicines to describe a class of drugs that provide both medicinal properties and also nutritive ones. In veterinary medicine, nutraceuticals are refered by the types of foods or ingredients that are believed or proven to have other health benefits.

The Indians, Egyptians, Chinese, and Sumerians are just a few civilizations that have provided evidence suggesting that foods can be effectively used as medicine to treat and prevent disease. Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old ancient Indian health science, have mentioned benefits of food for therapeutic purpose. Documents hint that the medicinal benefits of food have been explored for thousands of years. Hippocrates, considered by some to be the father of Western medicine, said that people should “Let food be thy medicine.”

With more than 40% of the American pet owner population are using Holistic Veterinarians services including nutraceuticals for Pet Nutrition, pet parents are encouraged to do the same for their pets. Plus, consumers who are dissatisfied with the high cost of drugs and conventional healthcare and have poor or failed therapeutic outcomes, have turned to alternative methods for medical treatments. Since Nutraceuticals for Pet Nutrition are made from herbal or botanical raw materials and are considered by the population to be safer, it’s no wonder why pet parents are moving to Holistic Veterinarians services in chicago.

Nutraceuticals Pet Nutrition can be broken down into the categories such as functional foods or “food therapy”, cleansing & detoxifying, and dietary additives or supplements. All of these methods use food as a tool of purging, rebalancing, or boosting bodily functions.

Nutraceutical Pet Nutrition is great for improving:

Allergies—Food & Skin | Arthritis / Joints | Behavioral Disorders | Bladder Health | Cancer | Diabetes | Digestive Problems | Gum Disease / Tartar / Bad Breath | Heart Conditions | Kidney Problems | Liver Disease | Mobility Problems | Skin & Coat Conditions | Stress / Recovery / Healing | Urinary Tract Disease | Weight Control | And more!

Why Dehydrated Dog Food

Pet nutrition is not confusing, complicated or mysterious.  That it has been made to appear so is a crime against dogs, for this has served to keep millions of dog owners in the rut of abdicating responsibility for their dogs’ health to the mega system that not only produces commercial dog food, but, conveniently, also unduly influences the training of the “experts” in the veterinary industry who recommend and profit from its use.

Our natural dehydrated dog food is made in our own human grade food facility in the US, where fresh and raw ingredients are prepared with a gentle method called dehydration. This process naturally preserves the human quality foods, retaining their nutrients without the need for harsh cooking procedures.

PUPtection carefully selects premium, organic ingredients, including fruits, vegetable, and meats, to include in their complete nutrition dehydrated dog food  mixes. The homemade, grain-free pet food mixes include fresh, whole vegetables, fruits, and herbs, with options such as chicken, beef, and fish, to deliver healthy, balanced nutrition. The mix is slowly dehydrated to preserve vitamins and nutrients that are commonly depleted via methods used by other brands.

Dehydrated Pet Food

The PUPtection selection of dehydrated pet food mixes have no fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. Offering a complete diet for active, senior, and young pets alike, PUPtection’s dehydrated cat and dog foods are designed to enhance the well-being of pets. Owners simply add water and mix to serve their pets a well-rounded, healthy, delicious meal.

Guaranteed superior quality pet food that’s fit for human consumption


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