Now making homemade therapeutic dog food is easier than ever with recipes from PUPtection

Homemade Dog Food RecipesThe Benefits of Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Homemade Dog Food Recipes: With the popularity of the raw food diet for dogs, many owners are looking for other options for feeding that are less of a financial investment as well as less time consuming. Many of them have never realized that the best foods to feed our pets may already be in our kitchens. Owners that have switched to homemade food not only find it more cost effective but they see substantial improvements in their dog’s health such as:

  • No more bad breath
  • Less itchy skin
  • Reduced yeast infections
  • Higher immunity
  • Shinier, softer coats
  • Smaller, less stinky stools
  • Positive weight loss/gain
  • Reduced pain swelling in joints

These results are due to the fact that Homemade Dog Food Recipes diets are completely customizable. You’ll no longer worry about the harmful effects of yeast, grains, and starches that are used in store bought pet food because you now have total control over what your dog does and doesn’t eat. You’ll become their own, personal Nutri-Therapist.

Why Homemade Dog Food Recipes Is the Best Option for Your Canine

Real, whole food meals are not only simple to make in the comfort of your own home but, are one of the most powerful healers for us and our companions. Unlike commercial dog foods, they’re full of digestible, absorbable nutrients that provide the building blocks for our body’s natural healing abilities, tissue repair, and organ regeneration. In our experience, the health benefits of the raw or cooked whole food diet surpass any other diet – prescription or commercial. The whole food diet is just as nature intended, an evolutionary diet fit for the digestive system of a carnivore / omnivore. Of course, organic, hormone, and antibiotic-free foods are best for all animals but, just switching to a whole food diet is a quantum leap in nutrition from the usual dry, wet, or refrigerated dog foods.

How to Create a Complete & Balanced Homemade Meal for Your Dog

Cooking your own homemade dog food is much easier than you might think and it’s a great way to customize your dog’s food for his specific needs. However, the main concern of owners when contemplating whether or not to prepare their own dog food is will the food be complete and balanced? If it isn’t, they may not reap the benefits associated with a whole food diet. So, to take the guess work out of homemade meals, our Nutri-Therapist have created this collection supplement/recipe combos using different meats, fruits, and veggies paired with our custom nutrient packs to ensure that every meal you make is complete, balanced, and delicious.


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