How much food do I feed my dog per day?


The great thing about our food is that you have much more “feeding” freedom than other dog food brands. Most dog food brands are full of “empty carbs”, meaning despite what the package says, the food base is mostly starch and synthetic vitamins that are more for show than actual nutrition. This is why you must follow specific feeding guidelines to avoid weight gain/loss from over/under feeding. This is also why no matter how much you feed your dog, they still seem to be hungry all the time. Their food lacks actual nutrients to support them.

On the bright side, PUPtection’s dehydrated food blends are clean, nutrient-dense, whole foods that are digested/ metabolized by the body better and easier than all other dog food brands. While feeding our food, you may notice that your dog eats less and has less waste (poop) because its full of vitamins and minerals that they are actually absorbing. With that being said, our feeding guidelines are just that…guidelines. There isn’t a set-in-stone amount to feed because every dog is different and the weight, size, age, and breed of a dog can affect how much you can feed them or how much they can eat.

The typical feeding amount is about 1/2 a cup of rehydrated mix per 10lbs, per day, split into two meals but this can be more or less depending on your dog and your excellent intuition. Also note that pre-mixes may need some added protein like chicken, beef, or turkey. So add about 1oz (2tbsp) of protein per 1/2 cup of pre mix. See chart below for further info.

Dog’s Weight Amount to Feed

(may be split into 2-3 portions)

1-10 lbs ¼ – ½ cup
10-20 lbs ½ – 1 cup
20-50 lbs 1 – 2.5 cup
50-100 lbs 2.5 – 5 cups
Over 100 lbs 5 – 7 cups



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